Gift Card Fraud

As we head into the season that is supposed to be a joyful one, here is a tip to help you keep it that way. Are you planning to purchase gift cards for your loved ones and friends? Read on to learn about a fraud warning in regards to the type of gift cards which can be redeemed online. This is not applicable to the type of cards that are only redeemable inside a store.

Thieves are now stealing the numbers from gift cards, which can be redeemed online. They then check online to see when the card has been activated by the rightful owner. If the thief is quicker than the actual gift card holder they cash in on the use of the monies toward their own online purchase!

In light of this type of fraud I would hope the stores would require these types of gift cards to be purchased only from the customer service person at the counter. Of course whose to say they are always honest as well.

I received this warning in an email and I decided to research if it were true, and it has been confirmed.

If you would like to learn more about using gift cards, which offer more options for your recipient, take a look at this article called, "A Gift With Options Attached", from Susan's Spa. Happy Holidays!

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