Car Theft Tips

One of the most popular items stolen are cars. New or used, they are a great temptation for a car thief, especially if they are a popular type of vehicle. Some models of cars are a prime target because parts are easily obtained for a chop shop. In fact, some chop shops specialize in just one type of car so they always have plenty of parts on hand to convert cars for resale.

Another method used by car thieves is to trash the car completely, and strip every part of potential value from the vehicle for parts resale. Obviously stereos are very popular, but leather seats and other valuable parts are also a target. Here's a story shared by one of my blogging friends Kathy. She had her car stolen and it was a complete loss. After you read her story there are some quick tips to learn in regards to guarding against car theft.
Some years ago my car was stolen. My neighbor was listening to local police cars and overheard that my car had been found! Apparently there is a few days gap between the time the car is reported found, and the time the police tow comes and tows it to their impound yard.

My poor car was "restolen" before the police could get their tow out for it! They made me call 911 a second time to report it restolen! They of course had never heard of this before, and I had to go through this whole long story a couple times. When it was recovered again it was totally gutted.

Many times when a car is stolen there are theft prevention tips to be learned. Here are just a few tips to keep in mind:
  1. Obviously the first one is to keep your car locked, regardless of where it is
  2. If the car is parked at night be sure to park under a well lit space. Most criminals don't like well-lit areas because they can be seen too easily
  3. Do not leave items inside the car to potentially attract someone to break in
  4. If you have a road-side tool kit inside your car, store it in the trunk. Otherwise, a thief may use your own tools to hot-wire your car
Those tips are just a few steps of prevention one can practice so their car is not stolen. Unfortunately, in Kathy's situation her car was stolen from her own garage! If our motor vehicle isn't safe in your own garage, I don't know where it would be safe! Her situation is one where the theft could not have been prevented, and was certainly a unique situation in that her car was stolen a second time before the police were able to tow it away! Thank you Kathy for sharing your story for the benefit of our readers!

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