Cancer Successfully Installed

A bit off topic here, but I couldn't resist using this graphic I found so I had to work it in somewhere! There are many things on the market that we humans consume either out of sheer gluttony or due to addiction. Some of the things are purely poisoning our bodies yet we ignore the warnings. I remember all the cigarette advertisements that were on television when I was young, and now they are no longer allowed - good thing, huh?

I believe the tobacco manufacturers are claiming that the amount of smokers has declined over the years, but none the less it's still killing a large percentage of those who use tobacco. If you're a tobacco user I hope you will be able to quit soon!

Perhaps if you consider a rumor we heard when I was young. We told my mother that we heard Camel Cigarettes acquired their name because they were grown in camel crap! Hmm, it didn't motivate her to quit either. Of course, she didn't smoke Camel cigarettes, but we figured the story was worth a shot!

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