Safety Tips for Your Teens on MySpace

Is it any surprise that sexual predators have found their site of dreams on Myspace? A recent investigation determined with minimal effort, that there are well over 744 registered sex offenders who have found a home on MySpace.

The discovery of the 744 sex offenders on MySpace is only a small handful sampling of how many are actually a registered user of the site, as the study was not completed. MySpace is home to over 100 million users, so there are undoubtedly many more lurking there. In addition to the concern over the registered sex offenders, there are of course predators who have not ever been caught and therefore are not a registered sex offender, but obviously still of great concern. It certainly poses a problem for parents who allow their children to participate in MySpace.

If you wish to allow your children to continue to have a MySpace profile, there are some safety tips you can learn to give you greater peace of mind.

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