Quick Check Writing Tip

Forgery can easily occur when a thief commits fraud. In recent years you may have heard about check washing. Check washing occurs when a thief steals checks, which you have already completed, washes all the ink off your check, and then uses it to acquire what he or she desires.

Some of you have evolved from using many checks if any, but if not, here's a quick tip for added protection when writing checks. Be sure to use a secure type of ink such as gel, and especially be sure you do not use an erasable ink pen! You may also want to develop a color-coded system. In other words, pick several favorite ink colors, and make those your signature colors for all your check writing, and whenever possible to use for other important documents bearing your signature.

For example, you may want to choose four different ink colors and assign one for each season, like orange for fall, blue for winter, and so on. The reason for doing this is in case you are ever faced with identity theft or someone writing out checks which you did not authorize. You would be able to quickly identify the fact that you were not the one who filled out the check if it is not done with your color-coded system.

You may think that a color-coded system isn't necessary, and that you would be able to identify your own signature and handwriting. However, when it comes to burden of proof, you will need evidence to defend the truth. A color-coded system may therefore potentially serve as added security for you in the event you would need to prove who did, or did not complete a check or sign a specific document.

Keep in mind however, that you may not be able to utilize your color-coded system for some legal documents. Often those require the use of black or blue ink only. The other aspect of using a color-coded ink system is the fact that your checks will be a bit more exciting than someone elses with black or blue ink only!

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