Have a Safe Halloween!

If you allow your children to participate in Halloween, have you made plans for a safe evening? Over the years less people have been taking their children trick-or-treating door to door due to safety concerns.

If you're just not sure what to do for Halloween, but want to allow your children to participate in some fun here's several tips on how one mother Susan, provided a safe way for her children to enjoy the evening.

Never take your kids trick-or-treating to a stranger's home when they are young

Only take them to the homes of neighbors and friends that you know

Take them to safe trick-or-treating at a local mall where they allow parents with small children to go store to store for treats.

Get together with a group of moms and have a Halloween party just for the little ones with healthy treats, and easy crafts for them to do.

This way my children were able to share in the fun of Halloween, but they were kept safe.

Thank you Susan for sharing those great tips on how to create a fun and safe Halloween for children! If you would like to enjoy more of Susan's great tips, and other ideas, Susan is one of my blogging friends and her blog is called Susan's Spa. She will pamper you with all sorts of relaxing tips for a stressful life, and give you the latest scoop on all sorts of things.

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