A Doggone Good Home Security Alarm?

Have you thought about what you should do for home security? If you are having a home built you may want to consider your options while planning your construction. On the other hand, if your home is already built there are other options to consider as well. Then there is the good old standby alarm system that doesn't require any wiring, but does require a warm place to sleep and plenty of food.

For many years furry friends (the type that bark) have been considered to be a great alarm system. You may want to consider the fact that it may not be the most cost effective method! If something major goes wrong, the doggone good alarm system just may prove to be more expensive than the electronic type, when it comes to paying the veterinarian bills.

Speaking of electronics, we've had a running joke around our home for many years in regards to our dogs response to our door bell. The joke is that our dogs response time was as quick as the speed of sound, as the bell seems to be wired directly to their butts! We would occasionally ring the bell just to rouse them and make sure they were on their toes. But, as our dogs have aged suddenly they have retired their guard dog senses, and the door bell is apparently no longer wired to their butts!

Of course a burglar is not going to ring the doorbell, but it has served as a good test to see if our dogs were on or off duty. The recent general consensus is that they are officially off duty! Does this mean the loyalty of a dog being your guard sort of goes out the window when they don't at least inform you they have retired from the mundane duty? Woof!

The point here is that you may want to consider a more serious approach to home security in order to keep the unwanted guests out of your home, and off your property!

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