Catch the Burglar at Night

Is it just me or is there a mysterious appeal to be a private investigator? I'm not a snoopy person but it sure does sound fun. Of course the Internet has changed the scope of things when it comes to digging up dirt on criminals, but there are some things that just can't replace the thrill of hands-on work.

Imagine if you had the right tools and equipment to squash a crooks plans while they're prowling around at night. Would you have to be a super sneaky detective to accomplish that? What if you could temporarily transform yourself into an animal with greater vision like a dog or cat, and be able to see at night?

Okay, we aren't talking Halloween here or the tales of werewolves that are told on such a night. We're talking about night vision! If you were assigned neighborhood watch think of how much more effective you could be with night vision! What a trip to be able to see like a dog or cat at night! Now that would be some super sleuth detective work if you could catch a crook at night. You would be the hero in your neighborhood.

Perhaps you aren't the type to snoop around at night to see whoever you could catch, but either way night vision is a very cool tool to have access to. Night vision could also be something you could carry in your toolbox for out on the road if your vehicle breaks down. If you put your mind to it, the ideas are endless with how night vision could be of benefit. Just be sure to use it in a responsible way.

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