Fake Designer Purses Launder the Money

Do you sell on Ebay? Beware of this illegal scam! It is becoming very common for people to fall into the trap of selling merchandise that is utilized to launder money. A woman had looked into selling some designer replica purses on Ebay. One resource she found responded with this information via email. What are the tell-tale signs of this being a problem?

The merchandise is not purchased by the seller, but rather sent to the seller as "gifts" from overseas to sell.

The seller collects the funds from the auction proceeds and forwards 70% through Western Union to the crook overseas, thereby laundering the money the crook purchased the handbags with. Crooks don't have a problem giving up 30% to get dirty money cleaned.

Not a great way to earn extra cash unless you're planning to be on the run from the Secret Service and the FBI once they catch up to your involvement in money laundering. Dirty money always needs to get cleaned, but you don't want to be involved in the dirty work of criminals.

The middle-man concept is always used to launder money. The main flag is the fact that the organization could sell the handbags on Ebay themselves. The reason they are willing to send the handbags to a middle-man free of charge is due to the fact that they are not looking to market purses, but rather looking for the person to complete their laundering money process.

Perhaps you don't believe the email below is an example of money laundering? Simply go to the FBI or Secret Service website links in our sidebar and research their information. Anytime an operation wants you to resell, repackage or receive funds for some service and then return to them a certain percentage, it is money laundering. Don't get involved unless you have prison time in your future plans! Money laundering supports terrorism, drug dealers and other illegal activity. Therefore, you can bet the authorities will not go easy on someone involved in assisting those individuals or organizations with their criminal activity.

Now that we've already provided the red flags, here's the context of the email the woman received:

The purses are sent directly to you from overseas. They're sent as gifts so you don't have to pay any customs or anything. They're shipped by express so it's really fast. Also, they're shipped in small amounts, like around 2 or 3 purses to start off, maybe increasing to 4 or 5 after a couple of weeks.

Basically, you would be responsible for taking pictures, setting up the listing, answering questions and finally shipping the purse to the winner. The purses are Louis Vuitton replicas.

Once the purse sells, the winner sends you the money as usual. You take your share (30%) and send the rest via Western Union to the overseas supplier (Oh, you also DON'T pay the Western Union fees; its around 20 bucks as I remember, but you DO pay the eBay selling fees.

In my case, each purse usually sold for around $170, so I got to keep around $50 per purse. Once the money is received for the first batch, the next shipment is sent almost immediately, so the faster you send the money, the sooner you can start making more sales. As I said, it's always in small amounts, so its easy to manage, and since you have the money already, there's no risk of losing any money.

Anyways, I think that's all I need to explain. Like I said, its very simple and a great way to earn extra cash. If you want to do this, please let me know ASAP. I'll need your address of where to send them to, and your eBay name that you'll be using. I can have the first bunch sent in about a week.

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