My Sister is a Terrorists Worst Nightmare

Are you planning a vacation or a business trip involving a flight, but are too afraid to fly? You're not alone. Since the terrorists on 9/11 armed themselves with our own airlines to use as weapons, many have not overcome their fears of flying.

When I took my first flight post 9/11, I must admit that I felt a bit uneasy with my first few steps boarding the aircraft, but I wasn't going to give into the very fears that the terrorists hope to control us with. With that said, I guess you could say my first flight after 9/11 was sort of a victory flight in that I was able to overcome the fears. Sadly there are those who are still controlled by those fears. But, let's put things into perspective.

Prior to the attack our airports and airlines were far more vulnerable than they are now thanks to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and Homeland Security. Sure, there are always still risks, but I know first-hand that TSA has made a tremendous difference in safety for travelers. How is it that I know that first-hand? For me the answer is as close to home as you can possibly get - my sister!

Cyndy Receiving Her Award 2005

My sister Cyndy works hard for TSA to ensure your flight is a safe one. My sister would be described by many as one with a great sense of humor, but when it comes to stepping into her role at the airport she takes every second of her responsibilities quite seriously. She knows that someone's life, or the lives of many rely on her decisions as she diligently performs her tasks to protect you and I when we travel.

Cyndy is Standing next to Kip Hawley, the Head of TSA

Cyndy has received much recognition for her accomplishments to ensure that your flights are safe, and I wanted to share that fact with you. First, because I'm proud of her, but also because my hope is that someone who once feared to fly will now take the trip of their dreams, assured there are people like my sister to provide you with a safe flight. Much like our military and law enforcement, TSA employees also work hard to ensure the USA continues to remain safe.

It's time to take control of fears, and replace them with the freedom to fly! The only ones that should be fearful of flying on our airlines are the terrorists. In fact, if you're a terrorist or other individual with criminal intentions, my sister Cyndy is your worst nightmare!

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