The Wedding Dress Guy

It certainly is not a crime for a man to sell his divorced wife's wedding dress on Ebay, but such a story is an opportunity for a good laugh. The all familiar statement, "I bought it on Ebay!" was shouting from some souls lips after 113 bids. Although it may not be a phishy story in regards to how the dress was marketed, it will get you thinking about how you could market something from your attic. The divorced husband modeled the dress for his Ebay listing photos, and along with his description of the wedding dress he captured the eyeballs of nearly 18 million people!

Marriage proposals were also made to the man through several emails he received. When you capture an audience of close to 18 million there's bound to be another opportunity to glean from one's efforts. Such was the case for the Wedding Dress Guy, but it wasn't another marriage that he was seeking.

Although his wife did not exit the divorce with such fame as her husband, at least she walked away with the $4,000.00 wedding ring. With nearly 18 million hits from his auction you have to wonder if she was one who gazed upon his marketing strategy.

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