Strange Blond Behavior

A blond woman walks into the men's clothing department carrying some sort of gadget in her hand. She walks up to the wall along the men's dressing rooms and raises the gadget up to the wall. Slowly she begins to scan the wall with the electronic tool and begins to get excited when she hears it beep. Confused by her behavior a store clerk asks her what she is doing. The blond responds, "Well aren't you the bright one! Can't you see I'm looking for a good man?" as her electronic gadget once more begins to beep. The clerk looks at her even more confused and says, "Miss, this is the men's dressing room and whatever it is you're doing with that gadget on the wall may cause our customers to feel uneasy." The blond responds, "Well helllllo! Don't you understand that I'm using the latest technology to locate a good man? It's called a stud finder, and since it's beeping there must be a studly hunk in the dressing room!"

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