Rent or Purchase a Home?

For most people the choice to purchase a home versus buying a home is made based on the amount of money they would have available for a down payment. Although it could be argued that it's always best to purchase a home and build equity rather than to rent, for some people they are better off renting.

Home owners have a tremendous amount of responsibility in regards to maintaining a home so things operate smoothly. It's an ongoing chore to keep things looking good as one must groom their yard and keep faded trim freshly painted. Then there are those who lack total common sense and you have to wonder how they even come close to meeting the expectations of home ownership.

One such example is the story of a Florida couple who loaded close to 3000 pounds of lumber onto their car, along with bags of cement mix inside. Is the story true or is it a phishy one just to get your attention? I'll let you be the judge when you view the details here. Hmm, if they lack the common sense to know a car cannot carry a load of lumber one has to wonder how they apply common sense to construct a home!

As I said, some people are better off renting. Perhaps that person would be best to consider an Orlando Rental Home where they could enjoy exciting theme parks, glorious white sandy beaches, and a warm welcome from the locals who love to see people enjoying themselves. For a renter in Orlando, every day could be like a vacation without the responsibilities of home ownership.

So for the couple with the lumber load, I say the answer is obvious that he should not consider home ownership, but stick with renting!

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