Forwarding Packages Work at Home Scams

For anyone that is looking for a work at home telecommuting job you have to sift through piles of fraudulent offers to find a legitimate one. A common practice for thieves is to find their accomplices by hiring online. For those who are unaware, they become a target to assist in criminal activity. One such type of program is package re-labeling and forwarding. In one method of forwarding the thief hires an individual to receive merchandise at their address, re-label it and then package it for shipping to the final destination, which may be out of the country. As an example, they may offer to pay a person $30.00 to receive the merchandise, and then ship it out to another destination. Here is an example of forwarding in an FBI press release.

Anytime you see a program where they want you to receive packages, and then turn around and ship or sell them elsewhere is most likely an indication of a money laundering scam. Money laundering does not always involve only money, but also involves merchandise. It is probably stolen merchandise that they want you to ship for them.

If you think about it, why would ANY company not want to ship their product DIRECTLY to their clients? The simple answer is most likely due to the fact that they need to cover their tracks. It's sort of like when a crook commits a crime with a get-a-way car and then later ditches that car to switch to another to cover their tracks. It's the same concept.

Also, shipping costs are so expensive that it does not make economic sense for a business to incur additional expenses to ship merchandise anywhere other than directly to the final destination of their consumer!

Before you get involved in any work at home offer be doubly sure you know the facts and have done your homework before you make your decision. If something doesn't seem right, listen to your gut instinct! A package is not always what its wrapped up to be.

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