Cheap Lasik Eye Surgery

Have you finally made the decision to have Lasik eye surgery, but are you short on cash to get it done? Now you can have your eyes done for the meager price of $99.00 plus shipping per eye! Wow, now that's a bargain. If you read that carefully you should be asking, "Shipping? Why are you talking about shipping?" Shipping is needed for this alternative way to get your Lasik eye surgery accomplished since YOU will be performing the surgery yourself, you will of course need the necessary equipment!

Now you really didn't expect to get Lasik eye surgery done at a clinic for only $99.00 did you? Due to advancements in the latest technology and the reduction of cost to develop electronic gadgets, you can have the necessary equipment sent to your home to perform Lasik surgery!

Suddenly with that last sentence we're now discussing James Bond. "Why James Bond?" you ask. Because if the dude who has this website continues to fool people to purchase a $99.00 gizmo to do Lasik surgery you will want to hire someone like a James Bond to go after him. Or perhaps I'm the fool for thinking it is only a joke?

In-home Lasik surgery.... Is that dude really selling those Lasik surgery gizmos? What will they think of next?
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