Stupid Criminals Story - Not So Bright

This morning I decided to share a funny stupid criminals story that happened to us years ago. The old saying; "Mans best friend." once again proved true for us with out dog, "Whisper" on that particular morning. It was around 1AM and Whisper woke my husband to let her out. She was around 13 years old then, unable to hear much, and her vision was poor, but she woke us at the perfect time.

My husband crawled out of bed and went downstairs to let her out. However, he had a feeling he needed to look out the front window toward the street before he let Whisper out. Well, if it wasn't a stupid criminal! My husband spotted a man getting out of his car parked across the street. The stranger walked to the corner to the end of the block and stopped under the street light. You would never guess why he stopped under the light! He stopped to slip into a pair of dark coveralls; under the light! Not such a bright idea!

My husband watched as the man slipped into the coveralls, and then returns to the center of the block with a flashlight in hand. Then he proceeds toward our house and car parked in front. It was now obvious the man was really up to no good so my husband quickly called the Police. The stupid criminal began to shine the light through the windows of our car.

We live in a small town so it didn't take long for three Police cars to arrive. Fortunately before he did any damage to our car, they surrounded the man and promptly arrested him. During a search of the stupid criminals vehicle they found many knives and stolen stereo equipment from many other cars.

So never underestimate the power of a deaf and nearly blind dog to get you out of bed at the right time. Keep your eyes open for those stupid criminals who put coveralls on under the brightest place on the street! They're much too obvious!


Anonymous said...

Just had to comment on your dog's name. Love it. I had a cat that I named "Whisper." She died of at the ripe old age of 14 a few years ago. Nobody ever got her name right! lol And as for stupid criminals, I work at a county jail. Into my 19th year. I have seen some stupid criminals! The latest was this week. A guy called 911 to report a man in a red truck riding around shooting at houses. It turned out the man who called it in was>>>>HIMSELF! He was drunk of course. He took the deputies on a 'high-speed' chase before they were able to stop and arrest him. I laughed at the high speed part because it seems it couldn't have been over 45 mph considering where it was. Love your blog. Just had to share that with you.

Tammara said...

Lots of people also got the name Whisper mixed up as Whiskers - lol. Our dog was 13 at the time of this incident, but she lived to over 15 years.

Thanks for sharing your story and the compliments about my blog. Thank you! :)