It Doesn't Paint a Pretty Picture

The creativity of a young mind is often used mischievously when it comes to wanting to have fun. It seems that some teens have been making a bad name for paintball and in the long run may ruin the sport for those who play by the rules. There has been an increase of events where young restless teens have utilized paintball guns in the wrong manner by using the guns for vandalism, and unfortunately to cause injury to others.

In one story 6 teens went on a three hour paintball shooting spree, and in the course of doing so they shot 14 people, including a young girl who was shot in the eye, and narrowly missing the eye of a police officer. Their abuse of paintguns does not paint a pretty picture for those who enjoy the sport.

Hopefully for those who wish to have access to the sport they'll educate their young counterparts to have respect for the sport and to not abuse it with actions of vandalism or endangering others. As for the others, if you don't play by the rules just remember that it doesn't paint a pretty picture and everyone will lose the game in the long run!

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