Stupid Criminals - Wrong Cashier

I read this stupid criminal story today and thought it was quite funny.

A woman broke into several cars at a Wallmart parking lot. She stole some money, credit cards and a checkbook. Several days later she decided to go on a shopping spree to spend the stolen money. With the value of the dollar challenged these days by high prices, free money was her temptation - as with all criminals, so most likely the woman probably thought she struck gold!

Being a stupid criminal she of course chose to go to Wallmart, at the same location where she broke into the cars! She selected her merchandise and proceeded to the check-out. Unaware of who the cashier was, she attempted to purchase the items with the stolen credit card and checkbook that actually belonged to the cashier! You guessed it, she was quickly arrested! Stupid criminals sure make it easy for law enforcement!

However, sometimes the owner of a vehicle can also make the job too easy for the stupid criminal. Even if you have cheap car insurance, never leave your valuables or other items of temptation visible inside your car. Insurance claims add up and can increase your cost of premiums. So the best advice is to protect your personal items within your vehicle, and it is best to never leave cash, credit cards or checks inside.

A credit card is a great way to enhance our daily lives. When used responsibly credit cards help consumers purchase goods and services, and to pay for them on an affordable budget. However, a bad credit card decision is sure to affect your specific financial or credit needs. As demonstrated in the stupid criminal story above, be sure to keep your credit cards out of the reach of criminals.

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