I Won a Million Dollar Power Ball!

It really is quite amusing the bait one will use for their phishing line. The spam I received today had a very tempting lure as they announced that I won a million dollar power ball!

When reading the email announcing that I won a million dollar power ball, I knew it was not possible since I never entered the lottery they were referring to! I guess they think we are all ignorant!

If you are ever in doubt about an email you receive, one way to get a better understanding of where it came from is to select view source to see the message in html. However, if the email has an attachment, and you do not recognize the sender it is best to not open the email at all. In view source you are able to see the source of the email you received. In this case, following the source name it read: (untrusted sender).

Another dead-giveaway in most spoofs or spam is the use of misspelled words, or incorrect use of words. You would think if they wanted to be more successful in their crooked endeavor that they would at least spell check their letter before sending it!

The heading of their letter was proving their stupidity to begin with as it read, "Dear Consultation Prize Winner", which gave me my laugh for the day! First off, if they were legit they would have addressed it to my name, and secondly they incorrectly used the word; consultation! I'm sure they meant to use the word; consolation! But, they continue to prove their lack of intelligence! And, get real! A consolation prize is never a million dollars!

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Annie said...

I get telemarketing calls saying that they are calling about my current mortgage. They then proceed to give their pitch on their mortgage program. Little do they know - I don't have a mortgage.

I like your blog.